How To Build A Mobile Business For Van Life

Having spent thousands of dollars ourselves on courses, books, and more, we will share with you what we are doing with our business as well as other lessons that don't apply to our specific business but may to yours.  Some links on this page will be affiliate or partner links that let us earn a commission.  While you will not pay a penny more using our links, we will often try to offer extended benefits or discounts when you do so.

Content Silos for SEO... how you structure your site affects Google SEO

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How to use Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool... how many average monthly searches & competition level

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How to use Google search... to create a topic list & generate SEO keyword phrases

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Choosing the right platform to run your business.  Why starting your business with Wordpress might just be a HUGE mistake.  The pros and cons of Kajabi vs. Wordpress.  Use our partner link for an extended free trial.

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