The Pros and Cons of using Kajabi vs WordPress

This review will cover why I came to view Kajabi as the best option for most online businesses and why I regretted starting with WordPress.

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At first I couldn't understand why anybody wouldn't use WordPress with so many plugins available.


What Is Your Level Of Experience With Computers?

Maybe you're a bit like me... I'm quite comfortable with computers... not an expert, but I can get around with software pretty well.

Once upon a time I thought that WordPress was the obvious choice if you had any computer skills at all... the following story is why I was completely wrong and I hope to save others from the pain I went through.

It all began a few years ago when I decided to build an online business... not this site, we'll get to that one later.

WordPress seemed like the obvious answer.  As of October 2019 there were over 54,000 plugins.  This means there are over 54,000 ways you can tweak your site to do what you want.

In fact, I loved the fact that there were multiple plugins to choose from for whatever you wanted to do.  You didn't just have to accept the single option that platforms like Kajabi offered. 

There was competition... that should give you superior choices I thought... and it was and still is probably true, but nobody warned me about the many ways it could go completely wrong overnight... yes, overnight.

So, I had my site up and running.  I wasn't doing anything to promote it yet... thankfully.  We were just experimenting with a couple test clients.

Suddenly, I woke up one morning to find that my site wasn't loading at all.

Thus Begins The GoDaddy Saga Of Discontent...

To this day I still use GoDaddy, I just use them for a few simple things.  At first, I was all into GoDaddy.

My previous experience with GoDaddy had been stellar.  I thought they always went above and beyond with help I needed with previous projects so decided to go all in on them so that I could get all my help in one location.  The past has taught me that having to work with multiple companies gives them too much freedom to blame each other for problems and leaving me with no solution.

Side note:  This is when AOL went down the crapper.  I remember finally getting DSL (yes this was a long time ago) and it never worked well, meaning it was unstable on a regular basis.  AOL blamed the phone company and the phone company blamed AOL.  Of course I ditched AOL, even though I was a huge fan before, and I never looked back.

This was bad enough personally, but this is also a lesson in risk management for your business.

Calling GoDaddy to find out why my site wouldn't load was the beginning of a crazy ride into madness.

First, they looked everything over and asked me questions like...

Why are you using the Beaver Builder plugin?  It's not very good.

Well, when I paid for hosting with GoDaddy for a WordPress site it came preloaded with Beaver Builder... are you telling me of all the plugins available out there that you chose to include garbage for your beginners?

Of course not, but it does have a lot of issues.

Looking further into it they made a few adjustments, and I did learn how to use another tool to determine metrics such as First Meaningful Paint in the load time.

From Google:  Your entire page does not necessarily need to load in the first 3 seconds, but something visible and readable needs to appear above the fold within those first precious seconds. Google has coined this as “First Meaningful Paint”.May 11, 2018

From here it was suggested that I pay for monthly credits that I could use for various issues and start with opening a ticket to have my site analyzed with suggestions of what needs to be fixed.

Oh, and I might want to pay to upgrade my hosting service level as that was not good enough either.

Ticket after ticket was opened.  I talked with multiple people in multiple departments.  The story was so long and convoluted that I don't even remember a lot of the details (but I clearly remember what I am sharing).

The problem became crystal clear when the answer continued to be to pay more and more, I got conflicting answers from different people, and I was no closer to having my site operating even reasonably well.

I spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars, and it was still a complete mess.

I couldn't even get a straight answer as to what the problem was.

It was finally suggested that I might need to hire a WordPress expert and I might need to pay thousands of dollars for such help.

Enough was enough!

Enter Kajabi

A friend and business partner of mine had been trying to get me to use Kajabi for well over a year.

I kept resisting because why would I want to be locked into a pure template driven platform without options?  Boy was I wrong as the previous story suggested.

We talked again and I looked into Kajabi even further.  

Previously, I had also thought that Kajabi was too expensive, but as things spiraled out of control with my WordPress site one thing became clear... when all was said and done, Kajabi would be the less expensive platform.

Once you get into site hosting, video hosting, email services, secure site certificate, membership plugins, support credits, etc., the costs begin to add up.

Upon further review, I found that a number of highly respected people had their businesses built on Kajabi and were very invested in working with Kajabi to their mutual benefit.  The last evidence I needed was that my number one mentor was building his new platform on Kajabi... I was now completely sold on Kajabi.

What's Included:

1.  Kajabi includes hosting:



2.  Kajabi includes SSL (Secure Site Certificate):

As recently as December of 2020 I paid GoDaddy $79.99 for a SSL renewal for a year.  This is so your website begins with https: vs. http:  This is how you know the site is secure.

From Google:  An SSL certificate is a bit of code on your web server that provides security for online communications. When a web browser contacts your secured website, the SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection. It's kind of like sealing a letter in an envelope before sending it through the mail.

Also From Google:  SSL DOES Correlate with Higher Rankings. Research from analyzing 1 million search results found “that HTTPS correlated with higher rankings on Google's first page”. The correlations in Moz's latest Search Ranking Factors survey leads to the same conclusion.  Sep 30, 2020 

While I don't always understand every detail, what I do know is that Kajabi instructed me on setting up my domain (from GoDaddy) with SSL at no additional cost.

3.  Kajabi includes themes:

This may result in an argument of semantics; however, I see themes as predetermined templates for you to work with.  In other words... they have created the format of style and layout.

Kajabi includes many page design options to assist you.

I paid extra money for a specific theme just so it would be compatible with my membership plugin when I started with WordPress.  The cost just kept increasing with every step.

The important thing to note here is that there are no them upgrades that you must pay for if you want things to be compatible.

The ultimate benefit of Kajabi:  Kajabi is compatible with all things Kajabi.

4.  Kajabi includes membership platform within Kajabi:

This is yet another plugin that I selected and paid for with my old WordPress site.  I not only had to make sure my theme was compatible (cost noted above), but I also had to pay for a membership plugin.

5.  Kajabi continually evolves:

For example, as I type this Kajabi has recently added podcasting and enhanced layout for coaching.

When I began with WordPress on another business I had to pay for podcast hosting.  It wasn't terribly expensive, but the fees just kept adding up.

My experience to date is that Kajabi continues to roll new things out at no extra cost. 

Additionally, I believe Kajabi may increase rates as time goes by for new clients but I am unaware of anyone having their annual cost increased.

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